Introducing Empact’s Rent a Recruiter Option. The future of Recruitment Services! Hourly Rate or Day Rate Options. 
Are you tired of being tied down by long-term contracts with traditional recruitment agencies? Look no further! Empact is here to revolutionise your hiring process. 
Imagine having access to experienced and skilled recruiter whenever you need them, without the hefty price tag. With Empact, you only pay for the services you require, making it a cost-effective solution for your hiring needs, we offer an hourly rate or a day rate. 
But that's not all! The flexibility offered by Empact allows you to ramp up or down your recruitment efforts as needed. Whether you're experiencing seasonal fluctuations or have project-based requirements, our service adapts to your unique situation. 
Time is money, and we understand the importance of expedited recruitment. With Empact, you can say goodbye to lengthy hiring processes. We streamline the entire journey, helping you fill open positions faster. Perfect for companies experiencing rapid growth or sudden spikes in demand! 
Worried about making hiring mistakes or poor recruitment decisions? Fear not! Empact minimises risks by offering a short-term, project-based approach. You have the freedom to quickly adapt your recruitment strategy, ensuring the best fit for your team. 
Whether you require assistance with telephone screening, recruitment open days or a tailored headhunt there is no task too big or too small. 
Contact us today at to learn more about how Empact can transform your hiring strategy. Together, let's shape the future of recruitment services. 
Say goodbye to long-term contracts and hello to cost-effectiveness, flexibility, expertise, speed, and reduced risk. 
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